MUSS membership is $40, and each MUSS member is allowed to register up to TWO nonstudent guests for an additional $150 per guest. Click the "Register" button above to sign up.

For all Registration FAQs, please click here.

Ticket distribution is at the following dates/times at the Alumni House.

  • Thursday, Aug. 21: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Friday, Aug. 22: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Monday, Aug. 25: Noon to 6 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 26: Noon to 6 p.m.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 27: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Thursday, Aug. 28: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. (GAME DAY! Utah vs. Idaho State – kickoff @ 5:30 p.m.)

MUSS Membership

The MUSS is the University of Utah’s student fan club for football, men’s basketball, and gymnastics. Established in 2002, The MUSS became the most popular student section in the Mountain West Conference and is looking to do the same in the Pac-12. In 2004, it was named one of the Top Five Student Sections in the country by ESPN.

The MUSS provides an exciting and memorable experience for students at football and basketball games. Students who join The MUSS develop a bond with other students on campus and also with the athletics teams. We hope that MUSS members will become lifelong University of Utah fans!

General MUSS FAQs

1. What is The MUSS?
The MUSS is the University of Utah’s student fan club for football, men’s basketball, and gymnastics.

2. Why should I join The MUSS?
The MUSS gives students opportunities at athletics events that they normally wouldn’t receive. As a member of the football MUSS, you receive a reserved seat for each home football game. As a member of the basketball MUSS, you receive priority seating for certain basketball games.

Football MUSS members are invited to attend a tailgate before each home football game. The tailgates include free food and prize giveaways. Football MUSS members are also given the opportunity to travel to an away game for a discounted price.

Basketball MUSS members are invited to attend a few pre-game parties before selected home basketball games. The pre-game parties include free food, prize giveaways, and a chalk talk by a basketball coach.

Each MUSS member also receives a one-of-a-kind MUSS T-shirt.

3. What does The MUSS stand for?
The MUSS is a word taken from the school's fight song (“no other band of college fans dare meet us in the muss.” *) The dictionary definition of muss is a state of disorder, confusion or chaos.

The MUSS has also been termed the “Mighty Utah Student Section.”

4. Who can join The MUSS?
You must be a University of Utah student to join The MUSS. MUSS members are given the option to register nonstudent guests.

Your student ID will be scanned as you enter Rice-Eccles Stadium or the Huntsman Center. You must be enrolled in classes or your student ID will not work at the gates. If you will not be enrolled in classes during the sport season, you will need to join as a guest.

5. How do guest passes work?

Guests can be nonstudents, family members, friends, etc. All football MUSS members, and their guests, will receive a seating assignment in The MUSS section. This assignment will stay the same all season. For other sports without assigned seating, MUSS members and guests may sit in the MUSS section.

To enter Rice-Eccles Stadium or the Huntsman Center, you must present either your student ID card (which will be scanned) or a guest pass. Therefore, if you are not a student, you will need to present a guest pass to get you into the stadium.

For 2014 football, guest passes are included in each $150 guest MUSS membership, and guests will receive all their guest passes at the beginning of the season. For basketball, guests must purchase a $7 guest pass before they enter the Huntsman Center. The guest pass is a sticker placed on the game ticket.

If you are not enrolled in classes, your student ID will not work at the gates of the stadium and you need to join as a guest.

6. Why do my guests need guest passes?

As a University of Utah student, you pay athletic fees in your tuition; those fees allow you to attend U athletic events for free. Since your guests are not students, and don’t pay the athletic fees, they need to pay to enter the athletic events.

7. How many guests am I allowed to have?
Football: For the 2014 football season, each MUSS member is allowed to register two guests for an additional $150 each.

Basketball: Each MUSS member is allowed to bring up to four guests to each game for free. Guest tickets can be picked up at the student entrance of the Huntsman Center on game-day.

8. How are seating assignments determined?
Football: The MUSS seating assignments are based on when you register for The MUSS. The sooner you register, the better seats you will receive.

If you create or join a group, the average registration time of the group will determine where you are seated. If your entire group registers on the first day, you will have a better chance of good seats. If a member of your group registers late, it will push your entire group back in the seating chart.

For the 2014 season, if you register two nonstudent guests with your football membership, you will automatically be seated in the upper bowl, which begins at row 26. Registering one nonstudent guest will not automatically push you into the upper bowl.

Basketball: The basketball MUSS is general admission, so there is no seating chart.

9. Does The MUSS provide accessible seating for members with disabilities?
Yes, The MUSS works to accommodate students with disabilities. The student must be registered with the University of Utah’s Center for Disability Services and must meet the ADA requirements.

If you require special accommodations, you must notify The MUSS. We will work to fulfill your request, while also taking your registration time into account.

*Some lyrics in the University's fight song were officially modified in July 2014. But these changes were not the first. Composed in 1904, the original version included the line "We drink our stein of lager and we smoke a big cigar." That line was changed in 1942 to a reference to "our coeds are the fairest," which was among the lines changed again in 2014, to "our students are the finest." And though called "Utah Man" when written (and using "man" throughout), the official 2014 version includes "fan" as an alternative anywhere "man" was originally used. The remaining 2014 change was modifying "no other gang of college men" to "no other band of college fans."