2016 Football MUSS info

For a full list of MUSS registration FAQs click here. 

Registration for the 2016 Football MUSS opens Friday, April 8, at noon through the Utah Ticket Office website. To register for The MUSS, you must create an account with your CIS email (for example: If you joined The MUSS or attended an athletic event during the past two years, you may already have an account.

Click here to log onto your account.

If you’re not sure whether you have an account, enter your CIS email and click on the "I forgot my password" link. We strongly suggest you log in and/or create your account prior to registration to make sure you won’t have problems the day of registration!

MUSS membership is $50, and each MUSS member is allowed to register up to TWO non-student guests for an additional $199 per guest. PLEASE NOTE: If you register TWO non-student guests with your membership, you will automatically be seated in the upper bowl (beginning at row 26). Registering one non-student guest will NOT automatically push you into the upper bowl; your seats will be determined solely on your registration time.

Seating will be based on how close to noon you register, so the sooner you register the better seats you will receive. If you have a group of friends you want to sit with, you must all enter the same group name, in the exact same format, during the registration process. Group names must be a minimum of eight characters and a maximum of 20 (spaces count as a character). Each group name must also contain at least one symbol and one number. Group seating is based on the average registration time of the members in the group.

If your group contains more than 30 students, we offer a "block seating" option. This means your timestamp, and the timestamp of the members in your group, will not affect your seats. Your group will be seated together in the upper bowl section of The MUSS; exact location is TBD but it will most likely be in the lower to middle section of the upper bowl. Your group must have a minimum of 30 people and a maximum of 80 (including non-student guests). You must send your group name to by 5 p.m. April 7. Everyone in your group will need to register and pay for The MUSS by April 30. All members of your group also need to enter your group name during registration.

Email Alerts

MUSS members, have you been receiving our email alerts? If not, check your spam folders, and make sure we have a good email address! You will get critical MUSS updates emailed all season during MUSS membership. Don’t have our emails? Send your name, student ID number, and a good email address to

MUSS membership

The MUSS is the University of Utah’s student fan club for a number of the athletic teams on campus. Established in 2002, The MUSS became the most popular student section in the Mountain West Conference and is looking to do the same in the Pac-12. In 2004, it was named one of the Top Five Student Sections in the country by ESPN and the same honor was given in 2014 by

The MUSS provides an exciting and memorable experience for students at athletic events. Students who join The MUSS develop a bond with other students on campus and also with the athletics teams. We hope that MUSS members will become lifelong University of Utah fans!

General MUSS FAQs

1. What is The MUSS?
The MUSS is the University of Utah’s student fan club for a number of the athletic teams on campus including football, men’s and women’s basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, and baseball. Currently the football MUSS is the only one with an official registration process.

2. Why should I join The MUSS?
The MUSS gives students opportunities at and around athletics events that they normally wouldn’t receive.

Football MUSS members receive a reserved seat for each home football game and are invited to attend an exclusive tailgate before each home football game. The tailgates include free food and prize giveaways. Football MUSS members are also given the opportunity to travel to an away game for a discounted price.

Each MUSS member also receives a one-of-a-kind MUSS T-shirt.

3. What does The MUSS stand for?
The MUSS is a word taken from the school's fight song. The dictionary definition of muss is a state of disorder, confusion or chaos.

The MUSS has also been termed the “Mighty Utah Student Section.”

4. Who can join The MUSS?
You must be a University of Utah student to join The MUSS. MUSS members are given the option to register nonstudent guests. If you will not be enrolled in classes during the sport season, you will need to join as a guest.

5. How do guest memberships work?

Guests can be nonstudents, family members, friends, etc. All Football MUSS members, and their guests, will receive a seating assignment in The MUSS section. This assignment will stay the same all season, and members' seating will be adjacent to that of their guests. For other sports without assigned seating, MUSS members and guests may sit in the MUSS section.

To enter Rice-Eccles Stadium or the Huntsman Center, you must either present your student ID card (which will be scanned) or use Flash Seats (for MUSS members who prefer, or any member with a guest attached). Members and guests must enter together because the seats are in one account (unless the tickets are transferred to another Flash Seats account, which is subject to a transfer fee). If you need or want to use Flash Seats, more info is located here: Flash Seats allow you to enter by using the credit card used for the tickets, or you may download an app to a smartphone and enter by using the phone. To create a Flash Seats account, log in to your Utah tickets account and follow the prompts.

NOTE: You must wear your MUSS lanyard to each game. If you don’t have the correct MUSS lanyard for that game, you will be sent to Standing Room Only.

6. Why do my guests need guest memberships?

As a University of Utah student, you pay athletics fees in your tuition; those fees allow you to attend U athletic events for free. Since your guests are not students, and don’t pay the athletic fees, they need to pay to enter the athletic events.

7. How many guests am I allowed to have?
Football: For the 2016 football season, each MUSS member is allowed to register two guests for an additional $199 each.

Basketball: Each MUSS member is allowed to bring up to four guests to each game for free. Guest tickets can be picked up at the student entrance of the Huntsman Center on game day.

8. How are seating assignments determined?
Football: The MUSS seating assignments are based on when you register for The MUSS. The sooner you register, the better seats you will receive.

If you create or join a group, the average registration time of the group will determine where you are seated. If your entire group registers on the first day, you will have a better chance of good seats. If a member of your group registers late, it will push your entire group back in the seating chart.

If you register two nonstudent guests with your football membership, you will automatically be seated in the upper bowl, which begins at row 26. Registering one nonstudent guest will not automatically push you into the upper bowl.

Basketball: The basketball MUSS is general admission, so there is no seating chart.

9. Does The MUSS provide accessible seating for members with disabilities?
Yes, The MUSS works to accommodate students with disabilities. The student must be registered with the University of Utah’s Center for Disability Services and must meet the ADA requirements.

If you require special accommodations, you must notify The MUSS. We will work to fulfill your request, while also taking your registration time into account.