Alumni Career Services

Hire Utah Alumni 2016

On June 1, the U’s Alumni Career Services and 10 other Utah colleges and universities present Hire Utah Alumni 2016. This is a great opportunity for a variety of industries and disciplines to find diverse talent, from new graduates to seasoned professionals.

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Career Services for Alumni Association Members

Association membership is open to University of Utah alumni, family, nongraduates and other friends of the U. Association members receive benefits valued at over $200, including:

  • A one-hour consultation, by phone, Skype, or in person, to critique your résumé, coach you for an upcoming interview, or provide other useful advice. (If you live outside of Utah, we give you two consultations.) ~$100 value
  • Two half-day workshops that provide relevant information to help you in this highly competitive job market. (Not available if out-of-state; replaced with extra consultation.) ~$100 value
  • Subscription to our job e-newsletter. ~Invaluable.

Contact Julie Swaner to take advantage of your career benefits today: 801-585-5036 or

Not an Alumni Association Member?  

More Career Tools and Services for Association Members

UCareerPath           $35 for six months of our
robust tool suite
Additional Coaching $50 per session or six / $250 (normally $100 per one-hour session)
Additional Workshops $25 per workshop
(valued at $50 each) 

Résumé Writing Service

This service is available to anyone, including nongraduates, no membership required.

Your résumé constitutes the most important financial document associated with your career.

For details on our services, click here, or contact our Certified Professional Résumé Writer, Julie Swaner, for more information (competitive pricing of $200 to $400): 801-585-5036 or