Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of 24 volunteer membersincluding a president and vice president, and the presidents of four affiliated boardsplus the University's vice president for institutional advancement and the executive director of the Alumni Association.

Current members:

Fred Esplin MA’74 MS’74, vice president,
     Institutional Advancement

John Ashton BS’66 JD’69, executive director,
     Alumni Association

Joe Sargetakis BA'80, president
Susan Porter BS'86 MSW'88, vice president
Aden Batar MPA'15
Susan Bollinger BA'13
Kimberly Brunisholz BS'05 MS'11 PhD'15
Christine Burns MS'75
Tom Carlson BA'90
Pam Clawson BS'91 MPA'96
Leslie Corbett BS'87
Kevin Curtis BA'86

John Dunn BA'92 JD'95
Brian Davis BS'07, president, Beehive Honor Society     
Savannah Gelhard, president, Student Alumni Board
Dave Gessel BS'83
Matt Gregory BS'85
Annie Nebeker BA'87 PhD'10
Jim Olson BS'92
Alise Orlandi BS'89
Ross Romero BS'93
Brian Rosander BS'01 JD'05, president, Young Alumni Board
Carolyn Schubach MEd'72
Glenn Seninger BS'88
Cheré Romney, president, Emeritus Alumni Board
Sue Skanchy MBA'86

The board meets once a month to discuss activities and organization of Alumni Association events. Members serve a term of three years and are required to sit on two committees, either under the direction of the Alumni Association or other entities on campus.

Each year the Alumni Association selects new board members to serve for a term of three years. The boards welcome applications and nominations for membership. For more information, call 801-581-6995.

Board Membership

Board member responsibilities:

  1. Serve a three-year term (except for the Student Alumni Board, which requires only one year of service)
  2. Attend one board meeting per month
  3. Serve on two or more board, association or campus committees by assignment
  4. Attend Alumni Association functions such as Homecoming, Founders Day, the Merit of Honor Banquet and the Spring Awards Banquet
  5. Support the Alumni Association through membership dues

Board Committee Service

  • Alumni House Renovation Oversaw the plans, case statement, marketing and campaign committee for the renovation of the Alumni House

  • Awards & Nominating — Selects recipients of the Distinguished and Honorary Alumni Awards for Founders Day as well as the Perlman (faculty/staff advising) Award. Nominates officers and board members for the Alumni Association.  

  • Scholarships Selects recipients of the scholarships from the Alumni Association. Some $800,000 in scholarships are now given each year by the Alumni Association. 

  • Campus Committees include: Athletics, Friends of KUED-Channel 7, International Student Center, Lowell Bennion Community Service Center, Pioneer Theatre Company, Publications Council, and Red Butte Garden and Arboretum

  • Community Service Encourages alumni to get involved in community service projects initiated by the Alumni Association

  • Homecoming Oversees Homecoming, which includes working with other campus committees involved in the annual weeklong celebration

  • U for Higher Ed Recruits advocates (alumni, current and former faculty and staff members, and students) who contact their respective state legislators to inform them of issues relating to the University of Utah and higher education, and to encourage state support

  • Marketing Advises the executive director and other Alumni Association staff on financial affinity partners, fundraising activities, marketing Alumni Association events and enhancing outreach into the campus and the community

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