University of Utah Priorities, Legislative Session 2017 (FY 2018) 

The 2017 legislative session ended on March 9. Here were this session's top priorities for U advocates, both successful:

  • Building request 2017
    ACHIEVED: $5 million in FY18 funding for the Medical Education and Discovery Complex/Rehabilitation Hospital, with commitments for $25 million in FY19 and $20 million in FY20 to reach the necessary $50 million in funding.
  • OUR ASK: We need just $50 million of state support for a much-needed renovation and rebuild projected to cost about $185M. (The bulk of the cost is covered by facility income and private donations.) We teach 80 percent of the doctors in Utah and are the state's ONLY academic medical center, but many of our facilities are woefully out of date. The new buildings will be more current and have a smaller footprint while being more efficient and useful. Learn more in our show-and-tell PDF here.

  • Funding request 2017
    ACHIEVED: 2% performance-based compensation increase for faculty/staff retention and recruitment, plus coverage for the increased cost of health care benefits for employees.
  • OUR ASK: Requested a 3% increase (to go toward direct compensation and health insurance). To remain among the top Research I higher-ed institutions, we need to get and keep high performers.

    Read a full summary of the University of Utah's successes in the 2017 session of the Utah Legislature here.

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