Legislative Alerts (for the 2017 Session)

February 28: Please urge NO on S.B. 255

Please reach out to the Senate Education Committee about a concerning bill Senator Howard Stephenson released Friday, Feb. 24, that would cap higher education funding for five years. You can read the bill at: http://le.utah.gov/~2017/bills/static/SB0255.html.  

Every Utah institution of higher education is concerned about this bill. Our two main concerns about it are:

  1. It would tie the hands of the legislature in balancing the budget.
  2. While trying to keep tuition from increasing at a time of continued student growth, relying on the general fund for all higher education budget increases is very risky; a shortfall could result in higher tuition increases.

If you could please reach out to any of the following legislators, encouraging them to vote against this bill as soon as possible, it would be very helpful:

Senator Ann Millner (R), Chair – amillner@le.utah.gov
Senator Stuart Adams – jsadams@le.utah.gov
Senator Diedre Henderson – dhenderson@le.utah.gov
Senator Lyle Hillyard – lhillyard@le.utah.gov
Senator Jani Iwamoto – jiwamoto@le.utah.gov
President Niederhauser - wniederhauser@le.utah.gov

Thank you for all you do!

Legislative alerts are timely announcements summing up recent or upcoming University-related activity in the Utah Legislature (such as important bills in the Capital Facilities and Higher Education subcommittees), with information about University priorities, press coverage, upcoming votes, and legislators to contact. Legislative alerts are emailed to advocates before and during each legislative session. To become an advocate for the University of Utah, register here. The 2017 session of the Utah state legislature ends on March 9.

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