Conduct Guide


One of the goals of The MUSS is to provide a fun and exciting game-day experience for each member. We expect each member to be respectful and considerate of the fans around them. Do not be vulgar or insensitive to other fans or the players, and remember that drinking alcohol is not permitted inside Rice-Eccles Stadium or the Huntsman Center.

The Football MUSS is reserved seating and should not be treated as general admission. You MUST sit in your assigned seat; if you are in someone else’s seat, they have the right to kick you out. If someone asks you to move out of their seat, please do so. (Basketball MUSS is general admission, so there is no seating chart.)

Due to the sensitive nature of the mascot issue, we need to be particularly careful not to perpetuate any Native American stereotypes. For example, do not wear war paint, dress in traditional Indian headdress, or do anything else that would be disrespectful to the American Indian nation or the Ute tribe. Do not use the tomahawk chop, although usage of the index and pinky fingers to form a “U” is acceptable.

We also always want to be respectful to the other team when a player is injured. Please give attention to an injured player and applaud when he leaves the field.

But above all, we want The MUSS to be loud, rowdy, and enthusiastic! You can still cheer on our Utes while following these simple rules, and together we can all help make sure every member has an unforgettable experience in The MUSS!



Like other fans in Rice-Eccles Stadium, MUSS members deserve to enjoy watching the game without others spoiling the experience. Complaints from MUSS members have fallen into four categories:
  1. Fans occupying seats that are not theirs.
  2. Fans using obscene and/or vulgar language.
  3. Intoxicated fans.
  4. “Mosh Pit” following Utah touchdowns.
All of the above are against Rice-Eccles Stadium policies for all fans, not just MUSS members. To report this behavior, fans are encouraged to text the U Fan Fone by texting “UFAN” <space> issue and location to 69050 or seek stadium staff in the orange or yellow shirts. The following policies apply to ALL fans in Rice-Eccles Stadium, not only MUSS members:

First, please stay in your assigned seat. It would be great to give every MUSS member a seat on the front rows, but that’s not possible.

If someone is occupying your seat, please contact security personnel; they have been instructed to solve seating problems by sending fans to their proper seats.

Second, alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted in Rice-Eccles Stadium. The back of every game ticket states the following: “It is agreed there will be no alcoholic beverages, coolers, ice chests, cans or bottles in Rice-Eccles Stadium….I will comply with applicable state law and University regulations.”

Fans violating this policy will be escorted from their seats and may face other penalties. Even if a fan is of legal age, alcohol is not permitted in the stadium. This is a zero-tolerance issue for the stadium.

The MUSS board understands that many MUSS members are of legal age and may choose to responsibly consume alcohol before the game. However, just like any other fan in Rice-Eccles Stadium, MUSS members do not have to tolerate anyone who is publicly intoxicated or is consuming alcohol in the stadium.

Anyone witnessing alcohol consumption or public intoxication in The MUSS section is encouraged to text the U Fan Fone by texting “UFAN” <space> issue and location to 69050 or contact a security person. 

The use of profanity and inappropriate language is not allowed. The stadium, Pac-12 Conference and the University all have policies regarding slurs, profanity, and other inappropriate language. Again, by using your ticket to enter the game, you are agreeing to comply with these policies. Just as with intoxicated fans, no fan in The MUSS or elsewhere in the stadium needs to put up with inappropriate language.

Finally, no “mosh-pitting” after a Utah score. Sportsmanship and common sense would dictate that hundreds of people in an involuntary mosh pit is a safety hazard.

Remember, you are representing the University of Utah student body, and it’s important for The MUSS to promote a positive image. Let’s keep The MUSS a great place to support the Utes!

7 Famous Words: “Do you want to stay in school?” The names of all fans that have been ejected from Rice-Eccles Stadium are turned in to Student Affairs. Sanctions could affect your academic standing at the University of Utah.

Guest Behavioral Guidelines

RES and their contracted service partners are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable stadium /arena experience for all guests. To assist with this endeavor, guests are asked to abide by the following Behavioral Guidelines:
  • Guests should not take any action that inhibits the progress of any game or event.
  • Guests should avoid clothing that could potentially distract other guests or diminish the ability of other guests to enjoy any game or event
  • Guests should avoid the use of foul or abusive language and refrain from making any obscene gestures
  • Guests should refrain from any display of affection inappropriate in a public setting
In addition to the above guidelines, all guests are required to sit only in their ticketed locations and to present their ticket when requested. Additionally, only authorized individuals may enter the playing field and other restricted areas and guests must refrain from entering such areas without proper authorization.

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