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So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu: Adieu to you, and you and you and you        

Fifteen years ago in June of 2001, I had the great fortune to become part of the Career Services staff at the University of Utah. I was an unlikely candidate, having returned to Salt Lake after 30 years on the East Coast, first as a flight attendant for Pan Am and then a business owner in the hospitality and food business. Although I had an MBA, I had never worked in higher education
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Archived Articles

Archives of helpful articles previously included in the Alumni Association’s e-newsletter.


April The New Job Search Economics—Accountability
March Salary Secrecy and Wage Discrimination
January/February Is Your Job making You Sick?


December Why Don't Job Seekers Get It? Persuasion in Your Job Search
November What To Do When They're Just Not That Into You
October Is 'Following Your Bliss' Bad Advice?
September Are You A Job Seeker or a Job Supplicant?
August Will Big Data Prevent You From Being Hired?
July The Café Rio Approach for Effective Career Jumping
June Assess Your Strengths to Advance Your Career
May Gender and Communication in the Workplace
April Gender is the Night (and Day)
March Not On LinkedIn? Why Not?
February Understanding Career Coaching Methodologies
Uncovering Hidden Bias in Hiring


Salary Freeze? The Art of Asking for a Raise 
Mud Engineers, Just How Is That Working?
Go Through Any Open Door
Managing Your Career, or The Art of Persistence
August LinkedIn Is NOT Your Résumé  
How to Supercharge Your Résumé and Get Noticed!
Are Employment Recruiters Adrioit Profilers?
Are You 'Choosers Broke' When It Comes to Workplaces?
Got Mojo?
March So Who Needs a Coach?
February You Get What You Negotiate
January Ridin' for the Brand


December What Ever Happened to Workplace Accountability?
November Why Many Job Seekers Hate HR
October Happenstance: Turning Serendipity Into Career Opportunity
September Skype Interview, Anyone?
August What Your LinkedIn Photo Says About You
The Art Of Quitting A Job
June Reaching Too Low: Losing Out By Playing Too Safe
May Women Still Struggle to Define Role in the Workplace
Job Search Company TheLadders Heads To Federal Court
March Why Is That Elevator Speech So Hard To Master?
Falling In Love With Your Job Again
Reboot Your Career for 2013



December Lessons from the Stockdale Paradox
Get Off Cruise Control, and Take Charge of Your Career
October Survive the Wild Ride of the Job-Search Merry-Go-Round
September Is It a Job Skills Mismatch, or the Elusive Purple Squirrel?
August Don't Interview! Audition, and Act Like You Mean Business
July Put Muscle In Your Résumé With a Strong Value Statement
It's a Noisy World for Misunderstood Introverts. Shhh!
Friends and Benefits: Career Service Aids Alumni Not In Utah
Modeling Behavior: Take These Career Tips from Tyra Banks
"Get Back On Board, Damn It!"
February Musical Chairs In the Job Market: Is 'Career Planning' an Oxymoron?
No Silver Bullets: Magic Solutions Don't Exist When It Comes to Changing Jobs or Careers



December "Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man?"
November Beauty and the Workplace: Here's Looking At You
October Lessons Gleaned From Lady Gaga
September Got Your Mojo Working?
August Resilience in the Job Search
July My Handbag of Tricks in Critiquing a Résumé 
Non-compete Agreements Can Be Tricky to Navigate on the High Seas of Corporate Piracy
Still Waiting for the Phone to Ring? Try Networking through the Back Door
Career Management 2.0
Turning Lemons into Lemonade
Networking for Introverts
Keeping Up in a Down Economy

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